swarm (n)– a temporary collection of bees, containing at least one queen that split apart from the mother colony to establish a new one; a natural method of propagation for honey bee colonies.
'Swarm' is a visual art zine in which a group of artists have been united together under the set theme of 'similar but not the same'. Edited by Natalie Parsley and off-shoot from its predecessor 'Hive'.
Swarm 1# features the creative juices of the following artists: Erin Awon, Michael Calver, Mike Cawthorne, Chris Chapman, Sue Hazelwood, Faye Dennis, Elizabeth Earley, Paula Forster, Helen and Ama Gatland, Claudia Haffner, Phil Kingslan John, James Marsden, Natalie Parsley, Graham Seaton and Scarlet von Teazel.

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