Friday, 30 August 2013

That's a Wrap!

A celebration of the mundane, if I'm not posting about painting windows it's tools (or things to do with them) and this week is NO exception! Seeing is believing and arriving at work to find a new range of wrapping paper proudly hung on display beside the till shouldn't have been anything to get excited about but imagine my delight upon discovering tool covered wrapping paper!

I know!

 This is probably the most exciting development in the study of the mundane since reading the writings of Georges Perec and Nicholson Baker in 'The Mezzanine' (brilliant books).
It's wonderful. So I bought a sheet of course. Do I need wrapping paper? Answer, no, but then think of what I can do with tool covered wrapping paper.....

I could:
1) Use it to cover sketch books and GCSE French course text books I no longer need
2) Line the bottom of my drawers (as in the furniture kind, before you get the wrong idea!)
3) Turn it into a real tool peg board and use it to hang tiny tools off of
4) Buy more sheets and wallpaper the downstairs loo
5) Cut out the tools and create miniature collages and reliefs
6) Frame it and hang it on the wall
7) Turn it into a stylish paper aeroplane
8) Use it to serve fish and chips in (I'm aware, very ostentatious) 
9) Wear it as an origami hat
10) Make a tool covered pinwheel
11) Make a paper wallet
12) Tool paper chain

Or maybe even use it to wrap something..., like tools maybe (!) Or would that just be too much irony?

On a more serious note you can check out work by Sam Brewster (who designed this paper) and more inspiring paper designs by really interesting illustrators at Wrap Magazine (links below). Maybe I should use this as an opportunity to comment on 'good' design, shape, form, colour and illustration in general, but I probably don't need to, as it's already there. Another day perhaps!

p.s If you'd like to know where I bought said paper then there's a big hint in the labels below. Heck, you may even want to buy some to wrap a present for me in one day....(or not!)

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