Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Here are my Bees,

brazen blurs on paper,
besotted; buzzwords, dancing
their flawless, airy maps.


Making tracks: words, footsteps, mark-making, mapping, tracing, beats, rhythm, stitching and time. Somewhere in deepest darkest Devon during the twilight hours in which, I am reliably told, any ideas generally worth having are formed, it was conceived by Frank Edmonds and Stuart Rosamond that twelve artists shall be invited to participate in creating an independently edited, inventive art zine to be published in time with the Spring Equinox, March 20th 2015 at 12.57pm and perhaps more consequently of all, this was remembered the following day from which it was written and said twelve artists were invited to participate in what was to be the inaugural issue of ‘Hive’!

 With the ambition of publishing biannually throughout the year each edition of the ‘Hive’ is guest edited by a different artist who collates the work, binds it and produces the cover plus any supporting content (is that all?!). The editor also sets the theme for each issue of which the first has been chosen by Hive’s co-creator, Stuart Rosamond who has set the seemingly cryptic theme of ‘Track 6’. The brief, that each artist produces a response to the theme, in this case ‘track 6’, on an A3 sheet of paper/surface in any medium of their choosing making either  thirteen copies or originals of their work  and sent to said editor. Each artist as a result receives a completed copy of ‘Hive’ featuring their page and that of the eleven other artists. Consequently by being an independently created form of ‘bedroom lit’ it bypasses the editorial rigmarole and red tape allowing for a more uninhibited set of responses from the artists and the creative freedom such set-ups bring. On an individual level it presents an opportunity to produce new work to the challenge/motivation of a deadline/theme and also a way of both owning and discovering the work of other artists. With plans for the artist contributors to increase each time a new issue is printed and develop a digital archive of ‘Hive’ publications it is something that could hopefully grow wings...

 Those who were ‘deliriously wishing to engage’ in the project replied to an emailed invitation and in doing so the Hive’s first  worker bees (a.k.a artists) are as follows; Nina Gronw-Lewis, Jon England, Anna Newland-Hooper, Malcolm Plastow, Frank Edmonds, Eileen Rosamond, Megan Calver,  Kevin Hawker, Stuart Rosamond, Tim Martin, Ruby Petts and me (Natalie Parsley)!

Personally I have wanted to make a publication of art work or a zine for a long time as it feels a natural progression of combining both my love of books (as a bookseller) and commitment/obsession to continue making art. It also presented an incentive to make work and has already opened up a dialogue with other artists and in turn is beginning to quietly influence the work I make for my ‘drawing a week’ project*. That and it is exciting to work on something that feels collaborative but a surprise at the same time, the reward of course seeing how each of the other artists interpreted the theme.

and honey is art.

At present all the pages have been sent off to be bound and be sent to each artist on March  20th. I’ll keep you posted and reveal exactly how I interpreted the theme of ‘track 6’ (there’s a clue in the picture above) plus an insight into the other artists’ work and any links to an online digitised version of ‘Hive’ here on the blog as it unfolds.  

You have bee-n told!

Buzzing throughout this post in italic are lines from the poem ‘The Bees’ by Carol Ann Duffy

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