Sunday, 6 April 2014

Piggybacking Art on the Block 2014

Back in January I wrote a post about a block of wood I received in the post The 'block of wood' was actually a blank canvas on which to create something that could be auctioned for 'Art for Life' at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. Despite my creative speculation as to alternative uses for said block of wood, I opted for the safer option to use it as intended and commenced by drawing my then recent obsession, a chameleon. Those of you reading this who may be more familiar with my previous work may remember my drawing-a-day project from 2013 that I've since continued this year, anyway, during that time I drew many different things and particularly enjoyed drawing lizards, reptiles and things with textured/interesting skins/surfaces/shapes. Loosely, that's one theory behind my decision to draw a chameleon...or at least I think so. They're pretty cool and this one's called 'Herman' so what's not to like?   

In addition to 'Herman' the chameleon, you could also place a bid on 'Pigsaw' (pictured below) my transformed Orchard Shopping Centre pig seat which is also being auctioned for 'Art for Life'. The former wooden pig seats that resided in Taunton's Orchard Shopping Centre had long been left to rot in storage before the two remaining survivors were given to myself and Michael Fairfax to transform and revitalise (and believe me, they needed it!). Back in 2013 the idea was to auction the pigs after they had gone on tour of Taunton to raise money for The Brewhouse Theatre. The sad twist in the tale, was that the theatre went in to administration during the pig's tour and both 'Pigsaw' and 'The Polden Pig' were rescued but sadly it was too late for the theatre and due to its closure they went back into storage. In search for a happy ending to their tale and to ensure that they fulfilled their purpose to raise money for a local charitable arts cause it was agreed by the artists that the pigs be auctioned for 'Art for Life'.
There you have it. A pig and a chameleon both in need of good homes. Admittedly, it is amongst my most eclectic of work I have ever made, but hopefully that adds to the appeal. We are very grateful to be allowed the opportunity to 'piggyback' on to the existing 'Art on the Block' event and I'd like to emphasise that there are many more works for auction by over 80 different local artists all in support of what is a very good cause.

If you are interested in bidding then please follow the info below which will direct you to the official Art for Life site:

The auction will take place on Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 6pm - 8pm in the Beacon Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Visit the online gallery and make pre-bids on your favourite blocks (bidding closes on Tuesday 6th May 2014) or come along to the auction.  Tickets are £8, on sale now from the Art for Life office ( or tel: 01823 342488), and include wine and canapes.

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